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13% say they are already feeding their pets raw food

Allprovide, the all-natural raw pet food company, conducted a survey of 1,826 cat and dog owners across the United States on their pet food preferences, knowledge and interests. The results show that more than 37% of pet owners are interested in a fresh, healthy raw food diet for their pets.

“These statistics demonstrate what we’ve been hearing from pet owners across the country,” said Michael McVay, co-founder of Allprovide. “The more people learn about the risks of feeding pets processed foods and the more they see the health benefits of a fresh, raw food diet, the more eager they are to switch.”

The full results of the study include:

  • Thirty-three percent would be interested in feeding their pets a fresh, raw food diet.
  • Forty-six percent said they hadn’t heard of the raw pet food diet prior to the survey.
  • Thirteen percent of those surveyed already feed their pets raw food.
  • Pet health is the No. 1 factor (94%) for consumers when choosing their pet’s food.
  • Freshness and quality (89%) are the second motivating factors for purchase.
  • Cost is the third consumer consideration (65%) in purchase.
  • Eighty-nine percent of pet parents feed their pets processed foods and fillers.
  • Twenty-three percent of those who feed their pets processed foods report their pets suffer from skin problems, arthritis, kidney problems or food allergies.
  • The same number of respondents (23%) report that their veterinarians have suggested a change in diet to treat those illnesses.
  • Thirty-three percent would prefer to have their pet food delivered on a regular schedule, as opposed to buying it in-store.
  • Fifty-five percent would prefer to give their pets fresh food that can be served naturally or cooked.

The anonymous survey was conducted with 1,826 cat and dog owners who identify themselves as “health conscious.”