Our Story – How we got started.

We had fallen in love with the Maltese dogs we got in Africa, while serving in the Peace Corp. We were heartbroken when we had to leave them behind and I promised my wife I would get her a new Maltese puppy when we returned home. Carol will tell the rest of the story about our dog, and how our experience inspired this life saving supplement.


How We Started – by Carol Reckamp


Pups 6 wks 9
Pula at 6 weeks old.

We found a good Maltese breeder and we all agreed the puppy would stay with her mother for 12 weeks. We were able visit the puppy at six weeks and immediately fell in love. We named her Pula, which meant money, rain, and celebration in the Setswana language we had learned in Africa.

The breeder called a few weeks later, and said Pula was sick, but she was taking her to the vet and hoped she would get better. When we went to pick her up, she had lost weight and was down to 2 pounds, and has half bald. She wouldn’t nurse anymore and she barely ate any food, basically living on a sugar paste for sick dogs.

We took our poor tiny bald Pula home and then directly to the vet. The vet diagnosed many parasites and gave us another food paste to add to her food. But poor little sick Pula would barely eat – in fact, she had not learned how to eat yet. She was too sick and too weak to be excited by food. I tried every healthy food, and then all the tricks and treats of dog foods including peanut butter, cheese, yogurt, cantaloupe, hot dogs, steak – nothing! I was growing frantic.

My nutritionally comprehensive mother in law suggested we go to a holistic vet. That incredible vet told us to get back to basics. Raw food – as raw as we can get it. Pula did start eating, a small amount raw ground chicken from Whole Foods! The vet told me to add as wide a variety of animal organs as I could so she would get a more rounded and natural amount of vitamins and calories.

As it turned out, this all happened during the time of the Illinois Deer Bow Hunting Season, and my husband and brother-in- law are fanatic bow hunters. He brought back the heart, liver, kidneys, pancreas and spleen. I washed and then ground the organs together, and it made a bloody stinky compote. When I added the organs to the raw chicken, my little Pula ravaged the food in a frenzy. It was so cute to see this tiny white Maltese with the blood stain mouth of a wild dog hunter.

I did research and found the exact nutritional value of each organ. I realized that organ meats provide high doses of the critical vitamins, minerals and essential acids in much higher doses and much more natural ways than other pet foods.

I was also happy to know the deer organs (and deer meat) would not have any issues associated with antibiotics, growth hormones or all grain feedings in farm raised animals.
Little Pula quickly gained weight and her coat grew in perfectly! She has very little eye stain too. She is filled with energy all the time and has never been sick since that first recovery.

I told my story to my friends and family and they started asking for the organs as well. We started asking our hunter friends to save the organs for our pet lover friends.

Eventually, I realized this is something that should be available to everyone. I told my husband we should start a business making super healthy dog food supplements and he added that this would also help reduce the waste of high value pet food sources.

We decided to start Raw Pet Products to provide the most natural and highest quality organ meat available. We love helping other people take care of their beloved pets now. I hope we can share this miracle with you.


Before and After
At Raw Pet Products we are helping the world stop the waste of good Pet Food Sources and providing the most Natural, Wild, Nutritious, Healthy, Beneficial Raw Pet Food anywhere!