This is our 3rd year at the Arlington Heights Farmers Market and we are really enjoying the market and the people and especially the folks who are bringing their dogs out for a fun visit and a pleasant walk.     Our many loyal customers have made it very gratifying and encouraging for us to participate on Saturday mornings.

We just started selling special, all natural, super healthy chew treats!   These sound a bit gross, but the dogs love them!  They are chicken claws, chicken necks, pigs ears and pigs feet.  They have all been dehydrated and we added our own special blend of Olive Oils and mild spices.   The dogs LOVE them and they really help keep their teeth clean and strong!

The past few Saturdays have been so very hot.  We brought frozen bottled water and found lots of thirsty customers loved that too!   Soon we hope to add some ice cold, fresh melon sticks, complete with a compliment of salts, sugars and other spices to help keep our human friends cool and healthy too!

Come on out and enjoy a fun morning at the Arlington Heights Farmers Market!