Directions for Use

In natural habitats animals eat Organs, Meats, Bones and Skins, in that specific order.

Organ meats are laden with critical vitamins, minerals and essential acids that your pet can not get from other pet food products. A rounded pet diet will contain 10 to 15% organ meat. Our product includes a combination of the Heart, Liver, Kidney, Spleen and the Pancreas.

A diet that includes 10-15% organ meat will have very positive effects on the health of your pet, including healthier immune systems, sleeker coats, less eye staining, easier and more regular bowel movements and general improvement in energy levels.

Directions for Use

Add about 10-15% of your regular pet food, of this product, to your regular food. Feed 1 to 2 times per day or less if desired. This supplement is much like the Vitamins and Mineral supplements that we humans take daily to increase the vitality of our own bodies.

Frozen Products Storage

If you have a smaller pet, you can partially thaw the frozen cup, cut it into smaller quantities and then put half of it into Zip Lock bags and re-freeze the remainder for future use. Store the Frozen Product in the Freezer until ready for use and in the refrigerator once it is thawed. This is a RAW product and
must be used within 4-5 days of thawing. A slight odor is normal. These are raw organs and as such will look and smell like it.

Freeze Dried Products Storage

The Freeze Dried product will keep indefinitely but should be stored in a cool dry location at all times. The vacuum sealed packaging is more for presentation and ease of shipping.

Do not over feed!
More than 20% could cause diarrhea!

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